Linda A Gilkeson

For information on biology and management of organisms and problems listed below, see:
2023 West Coast Gardening: Natural Insect, Weed and Disease Control, Gilkeson, Linda A., 3nd edition



Leaf Chewers
Sucking Insects
Root Feeding Insects
Flower, Fruit & Seed Pests
Gall Makers
Beneficial Species
Other Organisms


Foliage and Fruit Diseases
Branch and Trunk Diseases
Root Diseases



Leaf Chewers
Leaf-Eating Caterpillars
  Imported Cabbageworm
  Diamondback Moth
  Winter Moth
  Large Yellow Underwing Moth
  Tomato Hornworm
  Big Poplar Hornworm
  Leafrollers and Fruitworms
Web-Spinning Caterpillars
  Northern Tent Caterpillar
  Apple and Cherry Ermine Moths
  Fall Webworm
  Silver Spotted Tiger Moth
Other Leaf-Chewing Caterpillars
  Tussock Moth
  Painted Lady
  Yellow Woollybear
Other Leaf Chewing Insects
  Imported Currantworm/Currant Sawfly
  Rose Sawfly/Bristly Sawfly
  Pear Sawfly/Pearslug
  Azalea Sawfly
  Asparagus Beetles
  Coreopsis Leaf Beetle
  Viburnum Leaf Beetle
  Colorado Potato Beetle
  Japanese Beetle
  European Earwig
  Beet/Spinach Leafminer
  Other Leafminers


Sucking Insects
  Greenhouse Whitefly
  Soft Brown Scale
  Cottony Scale Insects
  Other Scale Insects
  Lace Bugs/Andromeda Lace Bug
  Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
  Other Stink Bugs
  Boxwood Psyllid
  Spider Mites


Root Feeding Insects
  Carrot Rust Fly 
  Cabbage Maggot
  Cabbage/Crucifer Flea Beetles
  Tuber Flea Beetle
  Pea Leaf Weevil
  Black Vine Weevil
  Strawberry Root Weevils
  European Crane Fly
  Narcissus Bulb Fly, Lesser Bulb Fly
  White Grubs
  European Chafer


  Raspberry Crown Borer


Flower, Fruit & Seed Pests
  Codling Moth
  Rose Midge
  Apple Maggot
  Currant Fruit Fly
  Spotted Wing Drosophila
  Cherry Fruit Flies
  Pea Moth
  Walnut Husk Fly


Gall Makers
  Apple Leafcurling Midge
  Blister Mites/Eriophyid Mites 
  Pearleaf Blister Mite 
  Hemerocalis/Daylily Gall Midge
  Mossy Rose Gall
  Jumping Gall Wasp
  Other galls


Beneficial Species
  Lady Beetles
  Aphid Parasitic Wasps
  Aphid Midge
  Syrphid/Hover Flies
  Ground Beetles
  Rove Beetles     
  Minute Pirate Bugs, Other Predatory Bugs
  Mermithid Nematodes  
  Tachinid Flies  
  Orchard Mason Bee/Blue Orchard Bee
  European Paper Wasp
  Spider Mite Predatory Mite


Other Organisms
  Millipedes and Centipedes
  Spotted Snake Millipede
  Slugs and Snails   
  Sowbugs and Pillbugs 


Foliage and Fruit Diseases
  Apple Scab
  Pear Scab
  Bacterial Blight of Lilac
  Black Spot of Rose
  Botrytis/Gray Mould
  Peony Blight
  Boxwood Blight
  Iris Leaf Spot
  Brown Rot
  Downy Mildew of Basil
  Downy Mildew of Onion
  Late Blight
  Peach Leaf Curl 
  Pea Enation Mosaic Virus
  Powdery Mildews
  Powdery Mildew of Rhododendron
  Allium/Garlic Rust
  Pear Trellis Rust
  Other Rusts
  Tomato Viruses
  Other Virus Diseases


Branch & Trunk Diseases
  Bacterial Canker of Cherry
  European Canker/Nectria Canker
  Black Knot
  Crown Gall


Root Diseases
  Clubroot of Cabbage
  Damping Off
  Common Scab
  Other Root Rots
  Phytophthera Root Rot on Raspberry
  White Rot
  Basal Rot
  Botrytis Neck/Bulb Rots
  Blue/Green Mold Rot
  Embellisia Skin Blotch


  Tip Burn
  Leaf Roll (Tomatoes)
  Blossom End Rot
  Green/Yellow Shoulders
(Tomatoes, Peppers)
  Catfacing (Tomatoes)
  Cracking (Tomatoes)
  Bitter Pit (Apples)
  Watercore (Apples)
  Hollow Heart (Potatoes)
  Cold Injury
  Blind or Button Heads
  Normal Cold Resonses
  Ricy Heads (Cauliflower)
  Sunscald on leaves
  Sunscald on fruit
  Sunburn in Squash Family
  Heat-Induced Bolting
Pollination Problems
  Flower Drop (Tomatoes)
  Empty Ears (Corn)